March 2021 Financial Update

March update got a bit delayed, posting our two-year update and traveling got in the way. If you have not seen our two-year financial freedom update, you can click here.  It has been a good two years.   Overall, March was a mundane month. Not much happening out of the ordinary, taking parents to appointments, triathlon training, … Continue reading March 2021 Financial Update

January 2021 Financial Update

We are stationary in Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama for the months of January and February after being in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida for November and December. We visited Gulf State Park last February (2020) and decided we liked it enough to come back for two months this year. Many, many midwest snowbirds … Continue reading January 2021 Financial Update

First Week of Financial Independence

I have had apprehension thinking about quitting my job for months, therefore, no changes in my anxiety in the first week.  I left under a pretty intense situation when my boss tried to intimidate and bully me into working 60+ hour weeks.  The anxiety of confrontation still hangs in the air.   I have listened to many podcasts … Continue reading First Week of Financial Independence